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Insecticidal Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £7.95
2 5 £7.65
6 10 £7.35
11 £6.95

Formula P Fumer smoke bombs are a fumigation device that is highly effective at treating infestations of cockroaches and other flying and crawling insects.

One Formula P Fumer will treat up to 7.5 cubic metres, so to treat a kitchen of around 4m x 3m then 4 smoke bombs should be used. After lighting, the area should be vacated for approx 2-3 hours to allow the smoke to disperse and then the room ventilated upon re-entering. If the infestation is particularly heavy, then several treatments may be required.

In order to perform a comprehensive cockroach treatment and ensure cockroach control is maintained, smoke bombs are best used in combination with other residual insecticide products such as Formula C Cockroach Killer Spray and Rentokil Insectrol Powder, as no residual is left once the smoke from the generator has dispersed.

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