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Formula 'C' Cockroach Killer Spray 5Ltr

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 Formula C Cockroach Killer is a highly effective insecticidal spray that achieves a rapid knockdown. It's dual action means that as well as killing cockroaches on contact, it also leaves behind a protective residue that will continue to maintain cockroach control for a period of 3-4 weeks after application.

Until December 2010, the Pest Expert brand was only available to the professional market; however, as Pest Expert Formula C is now available for amateur use, we have decided to substitute the previously sold Protector C and Insectaclear C for this fantastic product.

Formula C is water-based, virtually odourless and solvent-free, which makes it safe for use in homes with children and/or pets as long as directions for use are followed and  they are kept out of the treated area until all surfaces have dried (approx 2-3 hours).

The active ingredient in Formula C is cypermethrin (0.1% w/v), which is a broad spectrum insecticide used by professionals for eradicating infestations of most flying and crawling pest insects including cockroaches, ants, fleas, and flies.

Each 5 litre container will typically treat an area of approx 100 square metres. Heavy infestations may require several treatments.

In order to carry out a professional treatment, we recommend using one of our 5 Ltr Pressure Sprayers (click on the link in the Relatd Products below).