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Formula 'C' Cockroach Killer Spray 1Ltr

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Formula C+ Advanced Cockroach Killer is a highly effective insecticidal spray that achieves rapid knockdown of cockroaches. Its triple action formula means that as well as killing cockroaches on contact, it also leaves behind a protective residue that will continue to maintain cockroach control for a period of 3-4 weeks after application. It also halts the progression of the cockroaches life cycle, making them unable to reproduce.

Until December 2010, the Pest Expert brand was only available to the professional market; however, as Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced is now available for amateur use, we have decided to substitute the previously sold Formula C for this fantastic, professional standard product.

Formula C+ Advanced is water-based, virtually odourless and solvent-free, which makes it safe for use in homes with children and/or pets, providing directions for use are followed and they are kept out of the treated area until all surfaces have dried (approx. 2-3 hours).

The new and improved formulation of the Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Insecticide is made up of three unique active ingredients which ensures total eradication of cockroaches.

Cypermethrin is a broad-spectrum, long-lasting residual insecticide that works by leaving a powerful residue of insecticide behind once dry. The residue of insecticide will remain in place for 12 weeks, providing ongoing cockroach control.

The second insecticide is Pyriproxyfen, a ground-breaking insect growth regulator that works by halting the progression of the cockroaches life cycle. This results in an inability for cockroaches to reproduce and ensuring numbers do not increase.

The final active ingredient in the Formula C+ Advanced is a natural Pyrethrum called Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium extract. When this is combined with the Cypermethrin they work synergistically, delivering rapid knockdown of the cockroaches whole life cycle.

Each 1 litre bottle will successfully treat an area of approx. 50 square metres. Heavy infestations may require several treatments.