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Cockroach Spray (Rentokil Insectrol)

Our Price: £4.99

Rentokil Insectrol Cockroach Spray is an aerosol insecticide that is great for blasting hard-to-reach cracks and crevices where cockroaches are harbouring.

Containing the powerful active ingredients permethrin 0.46% w/w and d-allethrin 0.13% w/w, Rentokil Insectrol Cockroach Spray achieves a rapid knockdown and leaves a residual that remains effective for several weeks.

For a more comprehensive cockroach treatment, we would recommend you use this spray in conjunction with Protector C Cockroach Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Powder or our Cockroach Killer Kits, which come complete with a step-by-step professional advice sheet.