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Cockroach Killing Formula 'P' Fogger

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1 £7.45
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The Formula P Fogger is a fumigation device which is effective for the control of cockroaches and other flying and crawling insect pests. It is perfect for use in kitchens and other food preparation areas infested with cockroaches as the gas it releases will not taint or damage anything (although exposed foodstuffs should always be stored away or covered before treatment).

Unlike more traditional fumigation devices like insecticidal smoke bombs, Foggers do not need to be lit, making them a safer alternative, especially when using around electrical equipment and in enclosed spaces. Once activated, each Fogger releases its insecticidal gas in 90 seconds. The area should be left for at least 2-3 hours to allow the gas to clear, and then the room should be ventilated upon returning. One Fogger will typically treat a small kitchen. To treat additional rooms or larger areas, add more Foggers as required.

Fumigation with Power Foggers or smoke bombs is an important part of any comprehensive cockroach treatment, but should be carried out in conjunction with treatment with residual insecticide products such as Formula C Cockroach Killer Spray and Rentokil Insectrol Powder.

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