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Cockroach Killer Kit - Standard (Rentokil / Pest Expert Products)

Our Price: £16.95

Our Standard Cockroach Killer Kit provides everything required for dealing with a minor infestation of cockroaches. Including professional cockroach control products such as Formula ‘C+’ Advanced, a long-lasting, triple action residual insecticide and Formula ‘P’ Permethrin Dust, a highly effective insecticidal powder. This kit also contains pre-baited cockroach traps to enable you to trap cockroaches and monitor activity.

This Standard Kit is perfect for treating a cockroach infestation in a typical kitchen or other room. All our Kits comes complete with a step-by-step professional advice sheet to ensure correct application.

The Standard Kit contains:

1 x Formula 'C+' 1ltr Cockroach Killer Spray (Cypermethrin at 1% w/w, Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium and Pyriproxyfen)

1 x Formula P Cockroach Killer Powder (Permethrin 0.5% w/w)

1 x 6 Pre-baited Cockroach Traps

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet