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Is your home or business affected by a cockroach infestation? Cockroaches in your kitchen or restaurant? has been created to help you get rid of cockroaches with the best cockroach killer products and provide you with cockroach facts as well as information on cockroach control. 

As a pest control services company operating in London for over 15 years, we have used our extensive knowledge and experience of treating cockroach infestations in residential and commercial premises to put together the most effective cockroach control products for you. In addition, we also provide you with all the cockroach facts and advice you need to carry out a successful cockroach treatment without having to hire a professional technician.

There are two main types of cockroaches that infest homes and businesses throughout the UK - German Cockroaches and Oriental Cockroaches - but both can be treated in the same way. At we offer a range of the best quality cockroach control products including cockroach traps, cockroach sprays, insecticidal dust and fumigation devices as well as complete Cockroach Killer Kits.

Whatever the extent of your cockroach infestation, you can be assured of an effective solution and professional advice, without great expense.

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